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2021 TPPOA Members Annual Meeting
The TPPOA Members Annual Meeting was held on July 24, 2021, 10:00AM at the Wardensville Volunteer Fire Department Community Room.

Interim TPPOA Board Meetings
Outside of the Annual Meeting held in June of every year, the TPPOA Board meets in the months of August, October, December, February, and April.  While the meetings are not explicitly open to the TPPOA membership, we welcome your comments and concerns, and should you wish to address the Board during one of these meetings, please send an email 48 hours in advance to and let us know the topic you wish to address.  Meetings start promptly at 10am, and we ask that you arrive at the start of the meeting to hear your concerns, so we may then finish business in a timely manner in closed session.  The next scheduled meeting is to be determined, but will be held in either October or November.

Community Safety
While the TPPOA community is by far a safe, peaceful place to enjoy, we would like to remind everyone of a few simple rules:
The TPPOA community is considered private land and public use or access is not permitted without written permission.  Trespassing in or on the roadways of the TPPOA community and on individual private lots is strictly prohibited and enforced.
Law Enforcement Officers from the Hardy County Sheriff's Office and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Law Enforcement can provide assistance if needed. 

TPPOA members collectively monitor the area for trespassing, theft, destruction of property, littering, and other acts of crime.  As an Owner, you have the right to question anyone traversing the TPPOA area as to their reason for visiting within TPPOA borders.  However, please do not read this as a license to harass or disturb the peace of others.  If in doubt, please call the authorities to assess the situation.
The discharge of firearms or bows for hunting or target shooting is strictly prohibited within 150 yards of any improvement, cabin, or living area of any lot within the TPPOA community.  Hunters that have permission to access private property in TPPOA for the intent to hunt on public lands MUST keep written permission from the property owners on their persons at all times, and TPPOA members are within their rights to validate such permission by calling the property owners.   Should there be resistance to providing documentation or if the situation seems suspect, TPPOA requests you call the authorities immediately.
All outside burning is regulated by the West Virginia Division of Forestry and TPPOA covenants.  Be extremely careful with fire to protect your homes, the forests and wildlife, and your neighbors.  Local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies, and the local Fire and Rescue agencies support the TPPOA community year-round.   If you intend to burn a large amount of brush that will create a visible smoke cloud, we recommend you call the Hardy County 911 Non-Emergency line at (304) 530-0291 to report your intent to burn in case a concerned neighbor calls and reports your location.

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